GB Systems - the Uniform global platform, for customer service in the international banking system and in the field of business.
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About us:

Our GB Systems consists of several financial structures located in the territory of the European Union, also in the future and in the territory of the United States of America, in fast our ranks will be joined by bank from China. Our financial system constantly develops and aims at improvement for our clients. For this purpose we reunited in one big world finance network which can provide banking services for all our partners and clients of all system. We started a token of GBCoin which will be responsible for all functionality of a financial system, for transactions in system. GBMarkets cryptocurrency exchange. Also for convenience we created a cold purse of GB Wallet with all services of payment services and are ready to start it in March. For increase in the capital of our clients, we create GB Fund Venture where on trust management, the client can earn the good percent charged once a month. The GB Network company will allow all clients will join in our amicable team and to create the business. Our services are loyal to all our partners and clients. We will grant consumer loans, car loans, mortgage lending, under the minimum percent, opening of investment, deposit accounts in the near future. Also we will provide services and in insurance. With us it will be convenient to you. Convenience and Quality to all partners and clients.


Grande Bank (Europe)

Investment deposits. Deposit account. Insurance. Car loans. Mortgage lending. Consumer lending. Charity foundation.

GBCharity Foundation

Help children, disabled, elderly, needy young family, mothers alone and fathers alone.

Processing center of GBPay

The processing center of the GB Systems system which processes all transactions of all system. GBpay.

Payment service provider of acquiring GBPay

GBPay payment provider, this providing a payment service provider of acquiring and emission of plastic cards of systems the GB Systems. GBpay.

Why the decentralized GB Systems platform is necessary

Using Blockchain technology, we are going to create a new business case of relationship between systems such as: Payment service providers, Banks, Financial institutions, Restaurants, Cafe, Motor shows, Car services and other different systems of the industry which will allow to change and provide convenience to all clients enormously. The huge raw volumes of information which are collected by owners of Payment service providers, Banks, Financial institutions, Restaurants, Cafe, Car showrooms, Car services, and also other different systems, could allow producers to improve quality of work and tariff policy. For example, at sale or purchase of these or those goods by participants of the market, will allow to do transactions more transparent and open before other participants of these transactions

We represent GB Systems - the new approach in the financial industry based on the principles of decentralisation, equal opportunities and the closed economy within our system. GB systems: – will become a new basis of the GB systems Blockchain-platform for clients which will also allow to participate in different events and draws for clients of GB systems, everything that we do, we do sincerely for you.

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Our System

International Business

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We always look to the future memorable about the present and do what I believe in! ©

We are issuers of banking cards

Our GBPay company now the issuer of the plastic cards, at the expense of the payment service provider of acquiring. We have an opportunity to issue plastic cards in national currency and also in cryptocurrency. Now there is a preorder for plastic cryptocards, under the contract on release of cards for clients.

Igor Narkevich
Creator GB Systems

" Our team works without cease for improvement of our international project which will allow all our clients to use and be in team of our system. Our project facilitates work for all clients which contains a set of functions and fast work of all functionality in one system. For now get acquainted with our team better..." Thank you.


Heres the most important questions for your.

- Gives the right to use the entire system GB Systems in all countries, which will include such systems as: the Financial system in , GB Grande Finance Bank in Grande Union Bank, Cool purse Wallet GB, GB Venture company - Fund, GB Network which is the regulator for the production of plastic cards, Multicard and the system of network marketing, GBMarkets - cryptocurrency exchange.
- GBCoin is a cryptocurrency action system GB Systems which includes the entire financial structure described in paragraph 1., it can be exchanged for other currencies or to sell in three months after completion of the ICO, at your discretion.
- GBCoin the rest will be distributed through the system, and will work as currency for transactions inside system.
- We do not choose that one thing, we want the system to work in full scale that we present, as well will create its own Processing cent, for the safety of customers, without rented, will your acquiring for a transaction within the system for cryptocurrency plastic cards, allowing not to resort to third-party banks partners, all for the sake of the security of the clients this is most important for us.
- Plastic multicard can be ordered via GB Network.
- Данной картой можно будет воспользоваться там, где присутствует и принимает платежи Visa, MasterCard, Union.
- Yes, it is possible in any ATM of the partner banks, and our ATMs, which we will place in their offices. Or through third-party banks, but their interest. We dont know how much it will cost per cent of the services of a Bank, for the replenishment of their accounts via plastic cards in our system at third-party banks. But it is possible, we will try to negotiate with a large number of Banks in all countries to provide us with their assistance and partnership.
- Is a cold wallet, where each customer can keep their finances in bitcoin, in rubles, in dollars, in euros and in pounds sterling.
- Is venture company where the customer may, at the trust management agreement to place a Deposit and receive monthly interest on the body of the Deposit. The percentage is not adjustable, it all depends on the courses of cryptocurrencies, as well as from the rate GBCoin. Where accrued interest can be withdrawn and transfer to his personal account or to do to reinvest again at the body of the Deposit.
- Grande Finance gives customers to place Deposit, investment deposits, insurance and lending and to be part of different cash sweepstakes, and more.
- Grande Bank gives customers to use banking services, where they can place an investment, deposits, insurance, loans, mortgage lending, consumer lending.
- Is a cryptocurrency exchange where traders can trade cryptocurrency.