The page was created by us for investors who acquired our crypto shares of our system. That each investor could read our results, about done by us works which we will place on this page, in process of their achievement.

01 30.12.17 in 12:16

pre-Start ICO GB Systems 30.12.2017 - 25.01.2018

02 01.02.18 in 07:00

Start ICO GB Systems 20.02.2018

03 14.02.18 in 09:40

Today we made:

  • The Processing center and acquiring was made.
  • The GB Pay payment provider is created (it is the advanced payment service provider SOFT allowing to do 100 000 transactions per second)
  • The GBPay company was registered, at the moment we receive all allowing documents in the government organizations. (go to GBPay)
  • The Venture fund (go to The Venture fund) and the finance regulator of GB Network was made, (go to GBNetwork) at the moment - also we receive allowing documents on the right to work officially around the world.