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January - February, 2018, - Obtaining the license of the Central Bank of .

February, 2018, - Start of Grande Finance of bank (

January - February - March, 2018, Opening of offices in the cities:

1. the city of Moscow - 4 offices

2. city of Sochi

3. city of Syktyvkar

4. city of Kazan

5. city of Krasnoyarsk

6. city of Irkutsk

7. city of Khabarovsk

8. city of Abakan

9. city of Blagoveshchensk

February - April, 2018, - Obtaining number and the license FinCen.

February - April, 2018, - Start of GBMarkets the exchange of cryptocurrencies (

February - March, 2018, - Obtaining the license for the multiple currency exchanger.

February - March, 2018, - Start of GB Wallet (

February, 2018, - Opening of the finance regulating GB Network company (Great Britain)

March - May, 2018, - Obtaining the license of the Central Bank of the European Union.

March - April, 2018, - Obtaining the international license on cryptocurrency.

March - April, 2018, - Opening of GB Fund on trust management. (

March - June, 2018, - Opening of office of Grande Bank in the city of Valencia (

April - May, 2018, - Obtaining the license for an insurance activity.

April - June, 2018, - Obtaining the international license of investment fund.

April - June, 2018, - Receiving international the license Rpay according to the PCI DSS standard.

May - August, 2018, - Receiving the license for implementation of issue and acquiring of cards payment systems.

May - July, 2018, - Full-scale work of all GB Systems system.

August - October, 2018, - Opening of office in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).

September - November, 2018, - Opening of office in the city of Warsaw (Poland).

January, 2019, - Opening of office in the city of Las Vegas (United States).

February, 2019, - Opening of office in the city of Guangzhou (China).

In what idea of GB Systems!

The platform of banking decentralised online based on Ethereum + Blockchain as which heart the smart-contract technology acts.

Registration of any transactions and transactions in a financial system happens instantly on all GB platform. Respectively, in 2 minutes it is possible to choose, approve and pay services worldwide. Transactions in the GB financial system are transparent and safe.

Fruitful negotiations for contract signature and on connection to systems are now conducted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. That will allow clients to use our system for all 100% that also the convenience will give advantage. Each client of our system can use and order a bank card: Ruble, Euro, Dollar, Crypto-multiple currency. And also to have an opportunity to trade at our cryptocurrency exchange GBMarkets. Today you purchase GBCoin on one price, and tomorrow it will be more expensive, be not late with the choice of the decision. As after full-scale start of system, GBCoin will be is tens times more expensive, than today.

Equvaletn $600 millions
Hard Cap

20 000 000
Tokens for sale

Equvaletn $25
Price for token

Sale currecy