Advanced blockchain platform
Primary benefits
Keeping of cryptocurrency
Bank transaction with minimal fee
Create Smart contracts, tokens, crypto wallets;
Create API which allows to integrate in our system the banks partners and external companies.

Banking services
House bank of the system
Grande Finance
Licensed financial system that allows to make investment deposits of fiat currency
Trust management of investment deposits exclusively in rubles
Possibility to order plastic debit card
Receiving of the loans for prospective and existing customers of GD system with minimum interest rate
Insurance of investment and debit Deposits and other Insurance
Only for n Federation residents.

Grande Bank
Licensed financial system that allows to make investment deposits of fiat currency
Investment deposits for trust management of the countrys currency only, where the Banks rep offices are opened according to local legislation.
Receiving of the loans for prospective and existing customers of GB system with minimum interest rate Insurance of investment and debit Deposits and other Insurance

GB Network
The GB network company has been created for our clients and for all those who wants to build their business with us . To have earnings under the affiliate program, receiving monthly interest for connecting the business of your friends and acquaintances.
Financial and broker regulator
Multi-currency plastic cards issue for all clients of GB system and etc
Cryptocurrency exchange mobile app
Safe keeping of top 10 cryptocurrency
Affiliate program opportunity for cooperation

GB Venture Fund
Licensed fund which allows take a deposit on the trust management from the citizens of the country where the venture fund rep offices, as well as Grand Bank and Grand Finance allow interest on deposit on the trust management for their clients
All deposits are dollar-pegged
Affiliate program opportunity for cooperation

Cryptocurrency exchange
Licensed cryptocurrency decentralised exchange
That is also integrated to the system on GB systems platform Top 20 cryptocurrency trading only, as well as GBcoin cryptoshare of the system
The capability to add cryptocurrency of external financial institution, that will be strengthen by business-plan (being selected ONLY after checking by security service)
Cryptocurrency exchange with minimal fee
Control of trade control and equity capitalization GBcoin cryptoshare
Simple registration form
Upon receipt of a personal account, inside of that personal account the clients will be able to make verification with passport data and passport copy to individuals and taxpayer identification number of the artificial person

Multi-currency Wallet
GB wallet
Safe-keeping of cryptocurrency
Safe-keeping of fiat currency
Bank transaction with minimal fee Intuitive interface
Solid security

Charity foundation
The fund is ready to accept currency on behalf of third party vote under smart-contract
Smart contract smart contract warrant commitment to investors that currency will reach for its intended purpose
The minimum deposit is 1$

What GB systems allows to shareholders
Increase your funds
Getting a loan shares secured GBCoin with minimum interest rate
After full loan repayment, crypto shares will return to investors
Loan amount not over 50% of shares amount

GBCoin crypto shares
GBCoin crypto shares will be traded on GB Markets exchanges
GBCoin crypto shares remain valuable security, which assure successive abilities: rights interest in earnings in the form of dividends
Without involvement in the management of the financial structure
Rights to change tokens on certain banking services
Produced 40 000 000 GBCoin (limited edition)
For selling : 20 000 000 GBCoin

Advantages for investors
Full-scale work in the global company
Increasing capital from GBCoin crypto shares of GB systems

The core have created based ON CGI scripts In virtue of Apach advantages, platform is assembled on PHP7 and Angular JS, its includes 3 sets of of verification in 10 steps of each set , the core have created based ON CGI scripts. is unequalled by using no basic Framework, accessory Angular JS only. composed function are assembled on the MVC paradigm, has modular structure, this equates to develop system and connect (integrate) it with any services. All code is pure and it use crunching. Its allows system to work fast in maximal load. GBpay payment system has been created with the option to make 100,000 transactions per second, now we are not linked Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, American Express and other payment systems. Thus will allow to compete in the worldwide marketplace.

Our system has the Internet acquiring for online business , also there is an acquiring for for companies and shops, processing center of our company allow not to resort to outside institutions for rental of this service. Even with the maximum load, our system remains in normal mode, which will not slow down payments and failure. We are the issuers of plastic cards with our logo. that leave us the right to issue plastic cards in the national currency, and also gives us the right to issue crypto-cards, where each client can store any cryptocurrency on their card accounts. There is also a virtual card application with the ability to use the NFC system for smartphones. Our system is an international Geo Blockchain Systems, you can use it in any point of the globe, giving options for the companies and banks have a good business, increase customers and instant transactions worldwide, it saves funds for the payment of banking services and long waits of the transaction by Swift. Swift is the past, Blockchain is the future. Services of our system for business and banks costs only-1,2%. You dont have to pay more than it costs. You can apply Applications to connect and integrate to our system on the website All transactions that will occur and be made within the system are tied to Our GBcoin token, which will give an instant growth of our currency.